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VV Telestar was launched in September 2017, it’s purpose is to promote new and innovative high quality premium products based on science. Our products are for both men and women with the purpose to optimize life day by day and general health.

The brand we represent:
Versace V19.69 Abbigliamento Sportivo Srl was established at Milano de Alessandro Versace in 2001. With it’s long expertise and experience in design and fashion, Alessandro Versace creates an concept dominated by Italian elegance, style and quality. Today, Versace V19.69 Abbigliamento Sportivo Srl, continuing this tradition and avant-garde, creates an individual style of individual lines, shapes and materials, following contemporary trends and need of different consumers.


Socrates said and we quote:

“Employ your time to make yourself better!”
The philosophy of VV Telestar has strong values. They guide us every day through a base of values that we put at your biding to offer an online shopping experience that will make your life better.

Our values:
Quality – In every corporate domain of activity, quality guarantees results and the final product, as well as the company image across the world.


The VV Telestar team will make sure that you can find all that you are looking for, discover new products and cover your daily needs.

We select our products with high standards of quality and evaluation control based on the philosophy ”quality products for everyone”. 
Having experience on our side, we introduced in our products beneficial incenses and caviar based extracts, aloe , calendula, pomegranate and many more natural ingredients, making our products of exceptional quality at a fair price for everyone.

Web customers benefit of no issue with navigating our website, secure transaction and a large variety of products ready to be delivered at unique prices just few clicks away from their doorstep.