Microfiber Pillows treated with Aloe Vera x 2

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Microfiber Pillows treated with Aloe Vera x 2

70 x 50 x 15 cm (Length x width x height)

You don’t sleep well at night and your sleep is restless? Do you wake up sweaty with irritation on the face? Do you complain about pain in the neck and that you are tiered all day? Are being told that you snore? Do you get the feeling that your precious pillow makes you uncomfortable and that making it hard for you to sleep? Do you go to bed late, because you waste time waiting for protective and nutritious face mask to take effect. A hard day is ahead and you don’t know what to do to get some proper rest? We present to you the microfiber pillow treated with aloe vera: a simple solution that will make the say “Good night!” become a reality!

–Unmatched comfort offered by the aloe vera microfiber composition which will maintain your body straight during sleep, keeping your muscles relaxed and your spine in the right position.

–A pleasant touch that is more than just silky thanks to the aloe vera microfiber fabric, which is two twice as smooth as silk.
– It allows the air to flow freely , keeping a constant and pleasant temperature and does not retain sweat. Its hypoalergic and has antimicrobial proprieties.
– Does not deform, does not permit the creation of creases and it efficiently supports your body during sleep, also when you read or watch T.V.
– It can be directly cleaned via washing machine anytime without a lose in quality.

Imagine: you can clean your complexions few minutes before sleep or you can apply a protective and nourishing, but you will be wasting time waiting for them to take effect. How would it be for your hair and skin to be in contact with a pillow treated with aloe vera every night? Basically you will enjoy a very restful deep sleep while your skin and hair will enjoy hours of healing and protective touch of the aloe vera treated pillow Those who already use the pillow can tell you more.

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