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un aparat foarte bun daca doresti sa slabesti. Sanatatea merita

Germina Stanica (15/01/2019)


Am vazut tarziu oferta de trei perne, asa ca am comanda una separat.

Daniela (21/09/2018)


Versace 3 cuvinte: Calitate, Eficienta, Prospetime

Victoria (14/09/2018)

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2 X Versace V19.69 Caviar Premium Serum
1 X Collagen and Pomegranate Cream
1 X V19.69 ITALIA Premium Caviar Luxe Cream
1 X Versace V19.69 Hyaluren.

Discound cod: RED20

V19.69 ITALIA Caviar Premium Serum
Maintains and intensify the hydratation of the body and skin. Its recommended as a food supplement that contributes at a better body function, as well as a moisturizing serum and skin rejuvination.
- Contributes at rising the skin’s firmness and elasticity.
- Moisturizes and diminish existing wrinkles as well as it prevents the apparence of new wrinkles.
- Adds and unique sensation of softness.

V19.69 Collagen and Pomegranate Cream
A cream for all types of skin.
Collagen is a protein found in the human body that is used to regenerate the skin and recover it’s elasticity.
Collagen represents an essential protein that is depletes very fast over time, especially to women, causing the phenomenon known as agin.
It represents 30% of the total proteins of the body and is over 75% of the proteins produced by the skin.

An important ingredient of this cream is the pomegranate.
The pomergranate hides a invaluable treasure for beauty. There is no scienties that does not glorify the pomegranate! Since ancient times it was used in cosmetics, not only to regenerate the skin and makes wrinkles disappear, it also prevents aging!
According to the experts, the pomegranate seeds are very expensive and very appreciated cosmetic product. They prevent premature aging and rejuvenate the skin. The unique antioxidant proprieties of the pomegranate offers an unique shine to the skin.
- It deeply hydrates and rejuvenates.
- Contributes at removing wrinkles.
- Improves elasticity and firmness as the collagen density increases.

V19.69 ITALIA Premium Caviar Luxe Cream
- Contains valuable nutritive caviar extract that directly contributes to rejuvenating and shine for the skin.
- Deeply moisturizing the skin.
- Contributes at rising the skin’s firmness and elasticity.
- Rejuvenates the skin imrpoving it’s texture.
- Adds and unique sensation of softness.

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Super Offer 3

Super Offer 3

397 Lei 139 Lei

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